Getting an Ideal Body with 7-Day Weight loss Meal Plan

7-Day Weight loss Meal Plan

7-Day Weight loss Meal Plan

More people are into weight reduction these days. It’s because they want to get an ideal body. Another reason is that they want to stay healthy. It’s possible to reduce weight fast. With proper diet, they can achieve it within a week.

A 7-day weight loss meal plan is the most popular diet. Everyone can try it. Not only it’s easy, but it’s also efficient.

Day 1: The Fruit Day

This is the most important part. The first day determines the result. It’s all about the fruit diet day. People can pick specific fruits based on their preferences. That means they can take whatever fruit they love. One thing, they must avoid banana.

In the first day, they must avoid eating banana. Instead, they need to eat cantaloupe. Watermelon is also a good choice. Apart from fruits, they must drink water regularly. It should be around 8-11 glasses a day.

Since it’s the whole fruit day, they must not eat any foods.

Day 2: The Veggie Day

In the previous day, people focus on both fruits and water. What about the second day? It’s all about the veggies. They can take either fresh or cooked vegetables.

One thing, they shouldn’t use any cooking oil. Boiled veggies are a better option.

If they decide to consume potatoes, they should include it in the breakfast. The most recommended options are broccoli, cooked beans, lettuce, cucumber, etc. In the second day, you shouldn’t miss the water. It’s a compulsory thing.

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Day 3: The Combination

In the third day of a 7-day weight loss meal plan, they must combine fruits and vegetables. There are two exceptions. They are banana and potato.

Since it’s the combination of veggie and fruit, they can decide the on what fruits and veggies to eat.

One thing, they must not miss the water. The key to success is management. Discipline also acts as an important aspect. People should follow the plan deliberately.

Day 4: Bananas and Milk

In the next day, they can touch bananas. Approximately, they need to consume up to 10 bananas during the fourth day.

For the addition, they must drink 3 glasses of milk throughout the day. No worries. This kind of diet won’t make them hungry. Instead, it helps them keep full throughout the day.

Day 5: The Feast

In the fifth day, they can touch a meal. It’s the perfect occasion to eat a cup of rice. In addition, they need to consume 6-7 tomatoes within a day. The body may produce lots of uric acids.

It’s recommended to drink more water. The quantity is around 14 glasses of water throughout the day.

Day 6: Rice and Veggies

It’s also the feast day. However, they can combine a cup of rice with some vegetables. Water is also an important thing.

In this sixth day, they may feel lighter. Thanks to the previous diet regimes. Not to mention their digestive system is improved, as well.

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Day 7: The Final Combination

In the last day, they can combine a cup of rice with their favorite veggies. A glass of fruit juice is also a good addition. The juice acts as a flusher.

With this whole 7-day weight loss meal plan, they are able to reduce weight fast. Their body becomes lighter and healthier, too.

It’s a simple and effective type of diet. Everyone should try it.

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