Diet Vs Detox


Diet and Detox are two words that are very popular today. Even ordinary people often mention this term because it is often encountered every day. This is certainly due to the current trend in which health, appearance and beauty have become a necessity of society.

Actually, the diet plan detox is a lifestyle that aims to improve the appearance and health. But common sense had missed the true meaning, and sometimes misunderstandings, and even sometimes the pout because a negative connotation and is not safe.


Diet is often defined as eating less to lose weight. Eating less means to reduce the intake of nutrients which will also mean a lack of nutrients.

As a result, the weight down but also low energy resulting in the appearance look older and health will be disturbed. While the diet should go down a healthy weight is to reduce calorie intake, but intake of nutrients must be maintained.

Diet actually means how to set healthy eating patterns in everyday life. Diet Japanese society is different from the European diet. Similarly, toddler diet is very different from adults. So people who go on a diet intended as an effort to adjust diet.

Why do people go on a diet ?

A wide variety of dietary goals, ranging from health reasons, a certain beauty to embrace faith as the vegetarian diet. The point is to improve the diet in order to reach a new equilibrium better. We certainly know that the environmental conditions and lifestyle of today is very unhealthy.

This makes the body’s condition began to be problematic. For that, we need to improve more healthy lifestyle, such as diet. Customized diet that is what is meant by diet

So if we are overweight, choose a diet to lose weight is by reducing calories but improve nutrition with a balanced content. In addition, we are also aware of weight gain diet, diet-disease such as kidney failure and diabetes, diet for lactating mothers, though the athletes and others.

Diets that are popular therapy is a way to remove toxins from the body that often we are familiar with the term “detoxification” or “detox“.


Detox is actually the process of spending poisons (toxins) from the body. The toxin itself is not toxic (poison) such as snake or insect venom but are substances that accumulate in the body and destructive. The poison itself comes from outside the body such as eating a preservative, contaminated vegetables, air pollution, and others.

While in the body come from free radicals, harmful bacteria and stress. Actually, the body already has functioning organs for detoxification.

Sweating, defecation including natural detoxification every day. But the exercise is felt not enough, because the toxins that accumulate great, then people need to do a lot more effort in order to better body condition.

Many people attempt to remove toxins, such as a natural way of exercise speeds up the metabolism, which means poison go wasted. Or effort from the outside with a sauna bath in which the poison is wasted through sweat. The use of medications such as laxatives also one attempt removing toxins from the gut.

For people with kidney failure, the toxins due to residual metabolic processes must be disposed of medically called dialysis (hemodialysis).  And there is also a therapy with a diet such as water therapy, therapy apples etc.

But is that enough? Water helps remove toxins, but not to the poison that is insoluble in water but soluble in fats.

Therapy apple is very good for digestion, but is toxic only in digestion? Toxins in the whole body from head to toe. How do I dispose of them?

diet and detox

How to be safe and effective detox?

A diet is only one of the lifestyle. To get a healthy body then all should be a healthy lifestyle. There are several factors that affect health, namely: environment, diet, movement, rest patterns and mindset. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 70% of complaints to a doctor associated with diet.

Therefore, the detox diet is a very effective when done in the right way. For the layman, adjusting the diet are often confusing and frustrating.

Need special knowledge to get a good detox program, easy and secure. The introduction of a variety of complaints and knowledge of nutrition is very necessary.

It is necessary for the supervision of experts or instructors detox program. For patients with complaints of severe disease, of medical supervision is necessary.

But a good detox programmers course also need the basics of the sport and the process to think positive. A car that has started to fuss could be because it has not serviced and oil change. In order to make your car back in good, would you take him to a specialist workshop?

Similarly, your body is actually much more valuable than a car, need to be serviced with detox in a reliable place. With a good detox, the body feels lighter and energetic, a lot of complaints disappeared and more attractive appearance.

It’s the old adage is right: Cleanliness health base. So detox is the foundation of your health. The problem is, how to get detox is really safe and effective? To be effective, detox can be combined with exercise and if thought were true.

For me, diet plan detox is one way to losing weight healthy. Is it right ?

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