Benefits and How to Drink Green Tea For Dieting

Benefits and how to drink green tea For Dieting
Green Tea is a natural herbal drink lot of benefits for the body. One of them was able to help lose weight. There are the polyphenols in green tea that is not only good to protect the body from free radicals but also may affect the absorption of body fat.

Green tea also helps to burn extra calories. Each Tea Cup 150 ml, can burn 25-30 calories, and each 250 ml burns 40 calories. Though not too significant, if balanced with jogging and another cardio exercise then results are more optimally.

How to drink green tea in the correct

To get maximum benefits, you should also pay attention to how drinking green tea. Here’s how to drink green tea for losing weight.

1. Drink green tea with no sugar and flavorings

The nicest green tea is green tea with an original taste without the sugar and flavorings. Green tea processed by mills usually have already reduced or missing antioxidants. While green tea that is packaged in a bottle usually also been given artificial sweeteners and other chemical substances. Perhaps even more calories than soda or juice.

2. Select a quality green tea Products

Choose green tea from a product that is already trusted because more tea leaves to guarantee the quality. Green tea quality is minimal or does not contain ingredients that are less important. Of course, its price may be higher than green tea products.

3. Drink green tea Hot While

Actually taken in when cold or hot green tea, stay healthy. But the ice in the drinks can be melted and mixed with water the tea so that the concentration will decrease. So that it can reduce the benefits of green tea for weight loss. Should drink while hot or warm.

4. How to Brew green tea

Different types of tea are different than how to brew it. To brew green tea,water with temperature 80-90 degrees Celsius. The brewing process also should not be too long, an average of only 2-3 minutes per dish.

5. the retention period of green tea

The more fresh tea leaves, efficacy and it feels would be better. Therefore, the immediate consumption of green tea’s new in buy and don’t keep it too long. If eating tea leaves or that have been packaged in pouches, spend a period of maximum six months. More than that, the antioxidant properties of green tea will be reduced.

Drinking green tea Daily Schedule

To get the maximum benefits of green tea, drinking at least six to seven cups per day. The following schedule of green tea consumption as quoted from

1. The Morning

In the morning, you can drink green tea after wake up to help solve the fat in the body. Should drink green tea in a warm State, not with ice. In addition, the consumption of green tea in the morning can also prevent free radicals, and reduced appetite.

2. Before breakfast

Drink green tea before breakfast can help burn breakfast foods and reduce the sense of want snacking before lunch.

3. Before lunch

If before lunch you drink green tea first, then you will not eat too much because the stomach is already filled liquid. It also helps the body burn more.

4. Before dinner

Finally, drink green tea before dinner. Drink green tea before dinner helps digest food and burn fat while we sleep.
You can combine drinking plain water as much as 10 cups water and 4 cups of green tea per day in the diet program. Giampaolo also with a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Benefits Of Green Tea

In addition to helping the diet program, green tea also has a range of other benefits for the body. Here are some of the benefits  from green tea that you can get.

• To prevent premature aging
• Strengthen teeth, prevent cavities and helps reduce bad breath.
• Good for skin health.
• Help the performance of the brain.
• Antioxidants, nutrients in green tea are believed capable of absorbing toxins that interfere with the body.
• Reduce the risk of Cancer and Heart Disease.
• Cope with acne and eczema.

Green Tea Side Effects

In addition to the myriad of benefits and the benefits we can get from green tea, it turns out that there is also a side effect that we need to pay attention to. Among them are:

1. Effects of Caffeine

Although the caffeine content in green tea is lower than coffee, continues to provide the effect of caffeine on the body such as sleeplessness, faster heart rate, anxiety and blood pressure rises.

2. Abdominal Bloating

For those of you who have ulcer disease, we recommend that you need to consider to consume green tea in large quantities. Because green tea contains many tannins that can trigger stomach to produce more acid. If taken when the stomach is still empty, then it can be aggravating Your ulcer disease.

3. Iron deficiency

The excess tannins and the substances in the blood may inhibit absorption of iron against the body.

4. Osteoporosis

This is one of the effects of green tea are pretty terrible, especially for women. Green tea is believed to be carrying more calcium in the body out through the urine, rather than other diuretic substance.

5. Can affect Pregnancy

Pig mothers who are pregnant should reduce the intake of high quantities of green tea. Caffeine content can be absorbed by the placenta and enter the fetal circulation, its impact i.e. miscarriage. Although not prohibited, should limit drinking green tea for pregnant women.

A healthy diet along with green tea.


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