3 Factors Supporting Successful Diet


Changing the diet and reducing consumption of food alone is not enough to lose weight. There are other factors that come into play to lose weight.

These factors are water, breath and sleep. These three factors make up the success of your diet and become a list of things that must be done in a healthy diet. Here is an explanation of the three factors:


Did you know that most of your body is made of water? Therefore, it is very important for a person to stay hydrated.

Besides being very important for the body, water is also useful to keep the stomach feel full. Do not wait until you feel thirsty because it means you are hydrated.

Drink a glass of water before and after eating. This will keep you feeling fuller for a long period.

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You could probably survive for days without water, but you may not survive an hour without oxygen. Substances that this one apart is essential for survival, but also help the process of weight loss programs by maximizing the cells work in the body.

Unfortunately, many people are now only a short breathing. This causes them not to inhale enough oxygen.

Therefore, make it a habit of breathing more deeply and do not forget to use the nose rather than the mouth to breathe.

Sleep Time

Many people who are sleep-deprived. Although seem trivial, but the beds could determine the success of a person’s diet.

Adequate rest is very important to restore the energy that had been missing for a day of activities. If you lack sleep, then the next day you will be very tired and the possible failure of diet will be greater because you need the extra energy.

Bedtime is a good six to eight hours a day. To maximize the quality of your sleep, then sleep in a dark room and quiet.

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